Sam & Coco, lambs

The tall gal is Sam, renowned detective and enforcer. The little one is Coco, a special entity not seen for generations, her cuteness unrivaled and what proved to be Sam’s undoing. Sent to retrieve Coco, barking or silent, Sam was transfixed. Unable to fill the contract, Sam went on the lamb, Coco a bundle under […]

Cotton, Peko, & Candy, kawaii nekos

おじゃまします! ぼくは今日にとてもうれしいですからペコちゃんとコットンちゃんとキャンディちゃんを始めます! ペコちゃんは元気ですね。食べ物が大好きです! コットン ちゃんは窓の外を見るが大好きです! キャンディちゃんは愛してるが大好きですです! ぼくは一番運お言い男です!ありがとうございました! おじゃましました!すみません、日本語が下手ですよ。 (写真にセーラ)

Maxine, eater of the sun

In ancient times, the Muskogean people sought to appease Metztli who was responsible for swallowing the sun each day and expelling it again the next morning. After a time, Metztli became arrogant and demanded richer offerings, holding the sun in her belly until her orders were met. Not a people to be intimidated, the Muskogeans […]