dog food plastic baggies

Pet Pro Tip: Pre-bagged Food

We love feeding your pets and have trained in the finest canine, feline, and murine culinary traditions!

Sometimes we get instructions like, Scooter gets 1/2 cup of food twice a day. But please save us the nervous flop sweat of seeing a measuring cup on the counter and the souvenir Monster Jam big gulp cup on Scooter’s food container.

Here’s a Pet Pro Tip: pre-bag the kibble for each feeding and label it, especially for multiple pets.

That might look like, Scooter: Saturday AM. Teresa: Monday PM.

Oh, and let us know if you want the baggies trashed or stored for repeat usage (someplace safe where pets cannot get into them).

And those aren’t pre-bagged cashews! That’s one of the special canine diets from Royal Canin.