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Pet Pro Tip: dog clothes

Sweaters, winter coats, and rain jackets for dogs sure are cute!
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But are they necessary?

Pet Pro Tip: Sometimes.

Let’s start indoors. A sweater on a cold day may feel nice for us, but many dogs don’t need one especially if they have a comfortable bed or lap for snuggling.

But there are times when a sweater might be necessary. For short trips outside or if the house is chilly, sweaters can make toy breeds, dogs with thin hair due to age or disease, large breeds with lean bodies or hair cut short more comfortable.
But be careful! Sweaters can cause stress, overheating, and skin irritation. So for large breeds and especially those with thick coats like Huskies, let them go au naturel in the house. And no dog needs to wear pants.

Protection from the elements is the biggest reason to put clothes on dogs headed outside. If it is snowing or a cold rain, then a coat will help to keep your dog warm and dry. For dogs that sit low to the ground, a coat can protect their bellies from dragging against ice and snow.
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Booties can protect paws from collecting ice and snow, keep dogs from slipping, and protect against toxic salt/snow melt.

At night, reflective collars, leashes, and maybe a jacket can be good for safety.

What about rain jackets? If it’s warm out, then only if your pup is finicky about getting wet. Otherwise, most don’t mind the rain and love a good toweling off and a treat back home.