dog nose beagle

Sadie, Tattler

Sadie alighted on the Green, having taken the morning to glide on the wind, wheel about checking on nearby farmsteads 🕊

As soon as she landed, she said Let me tell you about Honest Abe… Counter Surfer! 😎

With a riff of reverb guitar, we were transported to sandy beaches where from off the waves came Abe on his board, rescuing a drowning child, slapping a shark, skidding to shore and wrapping an arm around a babe while tipping his sunglasses atop his head 🤙

I just grabbed a turkey *while* humans in the kitchen 👍

Tale told, Sadie threw wide her ears and caught an updraft. With a hop, she was airborne with a, Until we meet again for… Sadie’s Stories! 📡