dog white sun grass fetch

Pet Pro Tip: walk vs. play

Daily walks have the benefit of stimulating noses and potty time, but to burn pure energy, fetch can’t be beat!

Humans walk at an average speed of 3-4 mph (we pro dog walkers move a bit faster, 4-5 mph). At that speed, dogs burn .8 calories per pound per mile. During a 20-minute walk, we can cover about 1.5 miles, so a 20 pound dog would burn about 24 canine calories.

For reference, a Milk-Bone Large Biscuit from has 115 calories.

On their own, dogs can run up to 30 mph! But let’s say an average dog runs about 15 mph during fetch. Sprinting back and forth for just 10 minutes, the same 20 pound dog could cover 2.5 miles and burn about 40 canine calories!

So consider what would be best for your doggo: a walk, playtime in the backyard/park, or maybe a little of both!