cats two outdoor pot plants

Pet Pro Tip: indoor vs. outdoor cats

Indoor cat? Outdoor? Both?

Pet Pro Tip:

Many indoor cats can reap benefits from trips outside:
– Sunshine and fresh air
– Exercise
– Interactive entertainment via birds and squirrels
– An exotic toilet (and save you some litter box duties)
– Add some greens to their diet (or blues, purples, and reds if you grow flowers)
– Form a gang with other cats and make the news for terrorizing lemonade stands in the summer, stealing snow plows in the winter

While most cats won’t wander far from home, letting any pet outside unsupervised carries risks:
– Traffic
– Wild animals (even in the city or suburbs)
– Disease
– Poisons
– Extreme weather
– Other pets
– Thieves

So before you let them outside, make sure your cat:
– isn’t declawed
– has identification on their collar
– is microchipped
– is up to date on their vaccinations
– is spayed or neutered
– has access back inside or at least an outdoor shelter
– has food and water
– has no plans of world domination