dog vizsla stick cheeky

Pearly Poppins

Everyone in earshot knows it’s going to be a great day when they first see Pearl jumping through the window! 🌞

Oh, we have so much planned to– whoops! Almost lost her there!

The wind gusted and caught her by those big floppy ears, and I just barely hung on by the leash, guiding her around like a balloon 🎈

But from up there, she could grab the largest sticks, all fresh and unbroken, swinging them around in celebration 🎉

Children came running to the sidewalk crying, Pearly Poppins! Pearly Poppins! Hands held out hoping for treats, wide smiles in anticipation… Pearl took no notice, winding her prize stick like an MLB pitcher, thwacking each child on the head with a hollow thunk 💥

Deaf to their cries and bleeding, she paddled through the air, chin up, a blissful smile on her face 😎