cats white orange fluffy window sun

Lilly & Bennie, dramatists

I can always count on polite but firm complaints about the service from Bennie: My stomach hath shrunk like my beloved’s vessel upon the horizon, almost vanishing with the distance… Lo! I am weak with hunger.

Go on… without me… ⛵

Lilly lay back and invited me to curl up on her fluffy belly, to guide me to night’s Plutonian shore 😴

Bennie draped himself on my chest, saying quaff this kind nepenthe and forget your troubles…

Just as I began to drift off, I heard Bennie whisper, And have need of your keys nevermore…

It was all a plot! A heist in the making to crack open the autofeeder! 😄

I snapped awake, gave out brushing, and dove back into the weather, wide awake 😎