dog vizsla face eyes pink

Pearl, trouble

Hooray for Pearl – I’ve missed her! 🌞

No time for mushy reunions, she was a red blur to the backyard and through all 0.003 seconds of lunch, but paused out the garage door – two police cars were stopped at the neighbor’s 🚔

Pearl sidled closer to one and shushed me when I protested, telling me it was okay, she’d learned how in Obedience School.

Learned what?

But before I could ask, she was behind the wheel, telling me to get in or get left behind! With two paws on the wheel, two on the pedals, and head out the window, our ‘walk’ went by in record time, and we might have stopped by the ‘Bucks for a pup cup 😎

Back before we were missed, she parked it on the curb, gave a mock salute, and threw me the end of the leash, telling me to escort her home 😄