dogs five rural outdoor hounds

Best of the Pack

Put your booties on, Sadie, ’cause it’s cold outside! ❄

The sun’s finally coming up on The Green, but she decided I was a better coat than her natural fur and snuggled close 🤩

dog gordon setter grassdog hound outside grass
Gordon’s magnificent mane was impervious to the chill, and Belle said heck with it and went back inside to find a bed 😄

dog hound nosedog hound green grass
Nothing can deter the Cap’n from his Smell Patrol (though he was late to the party), but Abe was our wildcard: taking on Sadie’s speed, Gordon’s discerning eye, Budders’ nose, Belle’s voice, and even Jackson’s palate for treats, he’s taking on all the best parts of the Pack 😍