dog pug sign chalk

Two Poop Rupe

A lesser person might take a look out the window, see the clouds and gloom, the roaming packs of street folk, sigh, and decide to sleep in, but that’s not Rupert! 😎

He hopped up and with his back legs kicking one then the other to the side, front paws pumping up and down, let that one fang of his catch the dim light, magnify it into a great beam of laser sunshine, and beat away the gloom, send the hobos running, and turn the puddles to steam 🌤

After that, it was a simple thing to amble, gambol, and strut down the street, bend blades of grass toward him with great inhalations and blast them back down with his mark 🌈

Invigorate your day the right way: the Two Poop Rupe way!