dog mutt pom yellow nose smile

Sydney, Runner

I’m back again, and George hit me with his alarm klaxon to make sure I wasn’t slipping into an afternoon torpor 🚨

bird gray parrot cage bars
All I have to say is Hey, Georgie! and he whistles our secret 3 notes 🎶 He’s so amazing!

dogs two small grass run
Sam and Syd were white and golden blurs, respectively, pausing for belly rubs and clothes, then we were out 😎

At the corner of Haddrell and Battery, Sydney paused with a wistful look – when I asked, she sighed, voicing a desire to someday, somehow make it all the way to the end of Patchen Wilkes.

And then?

And then, she said, in full view of all that Winchester traffic… pee on everything 🌈