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Rupert, a window

Here’s a little window into the life of a dog walker: we get all the Rupert wiggles and snorts and paw taps on arrival, making it a pretty sweet gig!

Our arrival also sets into motion a chain of events like a bowling ball falling from a great height.

When it hits that special mattress, instead of bouncing back into the air, it keeps falling, springs creaking, director calling Cut!, production designer shaking their head wondering what went wrong as the ball keeps falling, pulling mattress, set, lights, script supervisor down and down, gaining speed and mass and heat until…!

It’s poop time.

Rup got out into the sun and heat and followed his nose and the increasing complaints from his bowls until that ecstatic bowing of his back began, that feeling of relief as he laid bricks as long as Alabama itself.

And that’s success dog walker-wise! All the belly rubs and treats are just gravy.