dog old viszla closeup

Brody & Ruby, the heist

There we were, celebrating the Great Milkbone Heist, Brody to my right, stolid and silent as always, our demolitions man, a permanent coating of Emulex powder giving him a waxy sheen 😎

dog red viszla profile
Ruby dancing to my left, so jazzed up she couldn’t do anything but skip skip skip. She’s the face, able to charm and talk and woo her way through any door 😍

Me, the brains I guess, but it was more dumb luck that on a sunny Friday we happened upon the truck stalled by the side of the road, brimming with those delicious treats 🤤

Wasn’t long before our pockets, bellies, bags, and paws were full, and we disappeared into the early Autumn, becoming legends 🌞

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