dogs doodles two human between

Mickey, Brookie, Coco, & Nilla: animated

I imagine when Belle was poking around the Beast’s castle, she had a similar experience when she stumbled on the broom closet and a whole pack of mops came out swirling and singing πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

That was me this morning, releasing Mickey and Brookie and Coco with Nilla following behind! 🧹

dog brown doodle leash tongue
With heavy rain since before sunrise, they were determined to soak up all the water in the flower beds, on the patio, and down the hill, so we spent just as much time drying off as we did playing outside πŸ˜„

dog white small human smile
Except for Nilla: she’s so svelt and slick, she was dry in a flash and watching me wrassle the others from the comfort of indoors 😎

Treats all around, hugs, kisses, and I’d do it again too!

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