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Bootsy, the Driving Dog

🎶 It’s Bootsy, the driving dog! 🎶

On this episode of ‘Bootsy: the Dog Who Could Drive a Car’ we learn that the state of Kentucky is much more discriminating about who can get a marriage license than a driver’s license 👮‍♂️

A quick trip to the DMV and Bootsy looks super cute in her photo (now on her Instagram along with a selfie from the driver’s seat) 📸

We took a spin around the hood to get her legs beneath her, then we were off to cruise down Nicholasville and hang in the mall parking lot with the other cool kids skipping school 😎

Orange Julius in hand, bags of cute new clothes, we rolled home as only Bootsy can: off-road through yards, up on two wheels, and parked on the garage instead of in it 💨

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