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Bert, Ernie, & Lucy: Ye old timey friends

Thank goodness for Lucy to keep these two (and I make three) wild boys from burning the house down or just eating candy all day!

With such a nice day, Ernie was determined to sniff up every smell in three counties, and Bert was in no hurry to get going when someone was around to give ear scratches.
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Lucy rounded us all up and kept us on track in the Land Verizon Forgot where not an influencer told us what to eat, there were no TickToks for entertainment, and I couldn’t post Ernie’s impressive BM to the ‘gram!

Truly, this is a place where friends are key to avoiding loneliness, isolation, and a low follower count.

The next day…

It was another sunny day in the cellular wasteland, children playing in the streets wearing tin foil hats, complaining about missed unboxing videos on YouTube; husbands attempting repairs without How-To vids, but out of the sun glare come Lucy, Bert, and Ernie: Angels of the physical realm!

The neighborhood took one look, breathed in a collective sigh, and said: Aw! 

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