dog viszla pine brown

Ziggy, Sorda, & Juno

Hide your squirrels, hide your ‘munks! There’s a trio of hunters on the loose! 🐿

My main man Ziggy was fired up for his walk, but Sorda and Juno melted into the pine needles upon contact with the air 🔥

That’s when you know it’s hot! But, at a touch of the gate, Sorda came running not to be left behind – Heat, humidity, melting asphalt? No problem for curvy girls and distinguished gentlemen 🎩

The park was nearly deserted, everyone else having melted in a pool of malaise, but not my two – they hunted with the best of them, and when we returned, the puddle of Juno popped back to life, asking what she’d missed 🤩

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