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Savannah, Layla, Rudy, Barbaro, & Cooper: first day ready

Savannah was ready for her first day of school, brand new shoes sparkling white!

Layla had her Lisa Frank trapper keeper full of paper, and Rudy had his lunch packed with candy and jerky.

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Barbaro and Cooper got an outdoor education on humidity, botany through sensory experience, a little engineering, and a lot on Newton’s Law about bodies at rest from the construction dudes.

You know when you go to the zoo sometimes and all the animals are just lying around, looking kind of sad, and you wish that annoying kid might fall over the edge of the tiger pit just for some excitement? That was our safari today – with all the heat and thick humidity already, Barb, Coop, and I were treated to the sight of construction workers sunning themselves, bright white bellies revealed from under orange vests, lazily waving traffic through or slapping away flies.

After recess came everyone’s favorite part of the school day: snacks followed by nap time!