cat black white human shoulder

Pearl & Walter, hallowed

My man Walter was my mustachioed welcome committee, pinning me down and giving out the wallerin’ of a lifetime – I’ve never felt so loved!
cat black white yellow eyes

Pearl was snoozing under the bed, but came out disgruntled at being awoken, sauntered over to the feeder and began tapping the lid like bongos in an ancient feline summoning ritual, pleading to the spirits for someone prettier than me to appear and open it or else magic the food out.

cat orange play teeth

Disappointed, she settled in to watch me plod out through the rain, smirking out the window.

The next day…

I was blessed to witness the holiest of holiest today: the dispensing of food!

There was something electric in the air, Walter dancing on two paws, clapping his happiness in such a fervor, drooling and marking me, until!

Within moments, it was over, and Walt had eaten both portions, Pearl off in unknown lands, and he returned to our morning waller (I think I got credit for a miracle just by sheer proximity).

Later, I found a small volume of Home Electronics and You along with a tiny toolbox under the bed marked ‘Perl.’ Of course, Pearl denied all knowledge and resented the implication despite the marks around the power cord of the autofeeder.