dog chocolate lab teeth stick

Zoso, no Trouble

How much trouble can two boys get into while penned to the backyard? You wouldn’t think much, especially with innocent faces like ours.

Now, before you go getting the wrong idea from the papers or that news lady, I done told Zoso that weren’t no stick, but did he listen? Naw, he just went on pulling and chomping, chomping and pulling until, well.

I know it looks bad, that school catching fire like it did. And we didn’t mean for that family’s house to get swept away in no flood. Aw, heck. I guess we looked pretty darn foolish trying to land that plane too, but Zoso said he knew how! There I go, blaming the dog when I’m s’pose to be the adult.

Well, that reward money for catching Bigfoot ought to go a long way in reparations. And that front page photo might look good framed over the terlet.

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