cat Siamese blue eyes

Wasabi, Man About Town

I get to see Wasabi (aka Houdini) just about every day. Well, “see.” Mostly, I feel him shoot between my legs as I’m trying to get the dog of the house out the door.

Wasabi’s a prowler, a man about town, a bit of a tomcat.

He doesn’t want me to tell you this, but I slammed my finger in the door trying to keep him inside this morning, so he’ll have to get over it.

Wasabi is the reason socks go missing; why you can’t find your car keys in the morning; why your once faithful, churchgoing child now wants to sit in their room in the dark and listen to awful music; he is the unknown, a drop of chaos, teeth shining in the dark, a sudden warmth on a cold night.

Don’t live in his neighborhood? He’ll find you.

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