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Barklee & Hazel, Siblings

To My Brother
Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Do you recall the fancies of many years ago,
When the pulse danced those light measures that again it cannot
Ah, we both of us are altered, and now we talk no more
Of all the old creations that haunted us of yore.

Within that lonely garden what happy hours went by,
While we fancied that around us spread foreign sea and sky!
Ah, the dreaming and the distant no longer haunt the mind –
We leave, in leaving childhood, life’s fairyland behind.

There is not of that garden a single tree or flower;
They have ploughed its long green grasses, and cut down the
lime-tree bower!
Where are the guelder-roses whose silver used to bring,
With the gold of the laburnums, their tribute to the Spring?

They have vanished with the childhood that with their treasures
The life that cometh after dwells in darker shade.

Barklee and Hazel are brother and sister, siblings as much as humans are, but for them, childhood and the good times playing make-believe in the garden never end.