National Professional Pet Sitters Week

Professional Pet Sitters Week is March 1-7! This week provides an opportunity to celebrate the value of professional pet sitters who work year-round to offer the highest quality pet care. Using a professional provides pet owners with a peace of mind that other pet care options cannot.

Sam and Sarah started pet sitting in Lexington in 2005. Before that, roving bands of dogs and cats ruled the streets and were all we had in the way of elected officials.
Sam is 7’1″ but hides it well. Until one of her sitters blows their emergency whistle, that is. Then she surges to her full height and rides in to save the day!
Sarah, on the other hand, is only 3″ tall, often hitchhiking in a sitter’s pocket to pop out when they have a question or a scheduling issue or just want to chat.

I once saw Tricia lift a 2011 Volkswagen straight over her head, not because a pet was trapped underneath or there was a dime under the wheel. Two street kids had laughed, saying she was doing a boy’s job. Not one for violence, Tricia silently demonstrated that she was, in fact, capable of anything. Mollified, the two boys asked if she could babysit next weekend.

You may actually never see Zach on the street, and it might look like dogs have reverted back to the old ways, roaming unsupervised, getting into the trash, stealing babies from tents. Having climbed out from under an ancient felled tree, Zach subscribes to the old Druid ways. He takes the shape most soothing to his charges: a pack mate, a bird, maybe a rabbit to chase.

Ellie is our official representative from the Gumdrop Forest, as dictated by the Candy Accords of 1953. Made completely of sugar, all the pets (and her coworkers) love how sweet she is! You’ll often see her bundled against the rain because she can’t help dancing through puddles.

Josh has the voice of an angel and the deft hands for any stringed instrument. He’s written theme songs for every pet he cares for. Ask him to sing “Lulu’s Lullaby” or “The Ballad of Boss Hogg” sometime, maybe catch him at the Waffle House secret open mic nights.

This is the only two non-blurry photo of Lindsay because she eats, sleeps, and thinks on the run. Whether she’s in a 5k, half marathon, full marathon, triathlon, biathlon, duathlon, or pentathlon, Lindsay never stops!

Jill often visits after dark, her warm smile appearing like the Cheshire Cat, inviting cats, dogs, hamsters, marmots, sometimes horses to gather round whether they’re clients or not!
Sarah comes to us from the Steven Seagal School of Pet Bodyguards. As a black belt in Taekwondo, she has never lost a pet to ninja or international kidnappers but never hesitates if the local street toughs need a lesson in manners!

As the most experienced sitter, Suka often has new employees like Christine strapped to her back, running through the streets, doing backflips off curbs, stopping traffic with the wave of her hand. She likes to eat her Skittles one color at a time: red, then orange because they don’t belong on the flag of her home country Brazil, purple because it’s almost blue, yellow, and green last for all the beautiful forests back home!
Christine stopped a kerfuffle at the dog park between a Doberman and a Rottweiler with only her stern glace, and we knew she had to be part of the team!

Meet Rosie, our Office Manager. Every good pet sitting company needs a Rosie because it allows all of us sitters to spend more time in the field and less time behind a computer screen.