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Duke & Finley: Squirrel Hunters

It was year 11 of the Squirrel Conflict when my family sat me down. “Duke, we love you and think you’re doing just a fine job. But. We’d like to get you some help.”

What every guy loves to hear.

Then they brought in Finley.

She was goofy, wild, untested, but it wasn’t long before I saw she had the speed I’d lost, not up here, but in my legs. She was good at following orders too. I could point out a hiding spot, and she’d scramble off, tear up a tree, and bring one back, dropped at my feet.

We were on to something!

And so, it wasn’t long before she was waiting behind the top of a chimney while I spotted from across the street. We got Honcho funneled right to her and that’s where the Great Terror of Versailles went down: not on some famed battlefield but a nondescript rooftop.

Our picture made the paper, Finley and me standing over his body, mugging like Christmas morning, giddy with relief.

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