dog grey pink harness walk

Mocha, a pleasure

(Best read in your best Ricardo Montalban or Antonio Banderas voice)

Mocha: to walk her is to experience the pleasure of a worthy canine in the Labrador tradition of luxury.

With her rich Corinthian fur, her styling is timeless.

You owe yourself a stroll.

It is on the walk paths where Mocha best demonstrates comfort and great confidence for which there can be no price.

When the day is looking new and bright, you are going to start it right. Because there’s Mocha and she’s smiling for you. The best part of waking up is Mocha as your pup.

She brightens your morning like nothing else because long-nosed hound dog ancestry finds more enticing aromas than any other. With Mocha so mellifluous and good, the day starts like it should. Smooth, delightful, Mocha.

You can walk her all day long and feel good about it.

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