dogs two golden bernese

Clover & the Moosh

I got to spend Thanksgiving with two of my favorites! Here are some highlights of our adventures:

On arrival, Clover immediately gave me a big hug, and Moosh let me know whose house it was! After a little backyard romp and get-to-know-you time, we were best friends.

For her walk, Clover was like a sonata on piano, all moonlight and ripples on a pond, checking out the smells and finding her Perfect Poop Spot.

For his turn, Moo was like a nightclub jazz act, an upright bass for his footsteps, high hat for his sniffs, and then the horns squealing for sniffs! marks! and squirrels!

dog golden smile silly
While the Moosh is away, Clover and I will make the best of our day!

We had time for a nice long walk, and we made it Victorian: a little boat ride on a wide lake, she in the bow, me in the stern rowing. She had a dainty little umbrella to shade against the sun and a small volume of Keats to read aloud while I paddled – once out in the middle of the placid water, we sat in an easy silence, occasionally smiling at each other, just enjoying each other’s company.

dog burnese nose
Clover and Mooshka: They sound like a partnership of a young American girl with a Soviet agent, an unlikely pair, but they make it work.

I imagine Clover out back of the homestead one day, picking herbs for dinner when out of the sky comes a parachute – Mooshka blown way off course and landing in her backyard. Originally sent to spy, Mooshka walks the neighborhood and realizes these are good people and he wants to stay, much to Clover’s delight – Fast friends, they take on mysteries and capers together.

dogs two golden bernese silly
It’s Saturday, and that means Clover met me at the door with a frazzled look, puffing a lock of hair from her eyes, imploring me to Look at What I Have to Deal With as The Moosh ran around the house, naked from the waist down, cowboy hat on, ‘killing’ bandits.

It ain’t easy being a single caregiver, so I gave her a break and ran him up and down the street, yelling Bang Bang! at the neighbors and discouraging him from bringing ‘presents’ home for your return – No, mommy would not appreciate a rock or a stick or a flattened squirrel.

Relaxed from a long, undisturbed bath, Clover was happy to take a stroll in her robe and slippers, hair still bundled in a towel, careful not to spill her morning coffee – she took a long contented breath before we returned to pry Moosh off the ceiling fan and plop him in front of his cartoons.