cats two stairs orange white

Tex & Turbo, hide your women

Well, let me tell you about the rootin tootin-est outlaws this side of the Mississippi.

Tex and Turbo: those names send a shiver up the spine of every gambler, bank manager, and catnip wrangler in these parts. Go on, stand in the street one day right about sunset, you’ll see. They come whoopin and hollerin into town about then, and Lord help the barkeep who thinks he can hide a bin of kibble in the back.

By God, I’ve seen Tex dig a hole right under a container, taking out wood and carpet and the entire bottom, spilling all he could eat right into his mouth!

And Turbo? Always got them big eyes, wide as saucers on account of the ‘nip. Keeps a little tin of it on his collar, always dangling and shining in the light. Drives the kittens crazy. The natives say you can see the Big Bear and the Little Bear in those eyes, twinkling like on a dark night. Get too close though, you can fall right in. Tumbling and tumbling while Tex picks your pockets and Turbo makes off with your woman.

Steer clear, I say.

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