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Tequila, Frosty’s justifiable homicide

News of Frosty’s demise has traveled far and wide, even to the ears of Santa himself.

As such, the North Pole PD have been kicking down doors and shaking down elves, reindeer, and woodland creatures. Until the heat dies down, I took Tequila out the back and around the complex until the PD sleds left the area.

Once the coast was clear, we headed home to settle in for a good midday nap.

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Update: More details have emerged in the death of Frosty the Snowman.

In searching his igloo home in the enchanted forest, disturbing photos were uncovered featuring the beloved character with his carrot nose and coal eyes… elsewhere on his body.

Jingle the elf was reportedly in the photos and has been brought in for questions.

Tequila had a self-satisfied air this afternoon, feeling vindicated as she marched outside, proud and full of her trademark energy.