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Sampson & Rosie, storytime

Once upon a time, there lived a little corgi on the edge of a forest.

In the mornings, Rosie would pull up her hood and grab her basket and go into the forest to collect berries. They were Sampson’s favorite. Sampson was the grizzled old man that lived in the forest, and for the price of a basketful of berries, the big red ones that got smashed all along his muzzle and made him look fearsome, but oh how he loved them!, he would tell her a story.

Rosie loved his stories! Adventure, thriller, mystery, comedy, or even the scary ones: she loved them all and would fold all four legs underneath her and sit at Sampson’s feet while he tapped his pipe and smacked his lips, settling by the fire.

Sometimes he would sit and smoke for a long time before beginning.

Other times, he would launch right in, leaning down and whispering the scary parts or rocking back and booming out the exciting parts. Rosie clapped her paws together, laughing.

He never told the same story twice, and there was always a little girl named Rosie to solve the mystery or catch the killer or end up on a desert isle, making a telephone out of coconuts.

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