nine panel dogwalkers christmas

Holiday Adventures

We done had us some adventures this holiday season!

mutt dog wow
Jingle bells, Rosco smells
Someone dropped some fries!
Amazon truck dropped a box, and Santa’s got a surprise!
My man Rosco was happy for some sunshine, a warm winter’s day, but mostly smells leading us on tantalizing adventures around the park – a dropped McDonald’s bag sprung eternal hope, a discarded coffee cup brought images of a damsel stood up for a date in need of some Rosco rescue, a milk carton and fruit snacks wrapper made us think of a botched kidnapping, a coughing bush might be a miracle come to life! All had mundane explanations, but we had fun anyway!

shaggy mutt dog snow jacket
Blakely and I decided to exchange gifts today – we were both so excited, we couldn’t wait any longer! Imagine my surprise when she gave me a fur-lined hood for my jacket because I always complain about cold ears on our walks – But I had sold my jacket to pay for a T-Rex femur because she loves to chew so. Imagine her surprise – she’d sold her canines to pay for my gift. We had to laugh through our tears and learn that the best gift is each other.

dogs japanese chin white black brown
Letters written, Brady and Aubrey were almost ready for Santa – the last preparation: milk and cookies! Brady hefted the bottle of milk, almost as big as he, and tipped it to the glass, getting just as much in as on the counter. Aubrey dashed from one end of the kitchen to the other, cookbook pages flapping in the maelstrom, a cloud of flour thickening the air, the whirring of the mixer drowning out any other sound. The result: no kitchen fires and a half dozen perfectly-baked cookies (the others were for sampling)! They’re settled in, listening closely for Ho Ho Hos and hoofs on the roof.

dog bernd elf hat white browndog black schipperke door
(by Ellie)
Your great girlies and I were eager to get out, explore, work out our sniffers, and keep an eye peeled for holiday critters – with Christmas just around the corner, we had a feelin’ that we would run into something!
As we were strolling along, we heard little giggles and bells jingling galore! Our eyes shot up to the sky thinking Santa was delivering gifts early! But no! We looked back down to discover a big-little elf in the bushes. She was a friendly big-little elf, with a wet puppy dog nose and giant fluffy paw paws. She showed off a happy elf dance, popped off confetti, and scurried back into the bushes, leaving Sierra, Maxine and I confused yet delighted! We finished up our stroll, ranting and raving about what we saw today!

dogs two sidewalk fluffy
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the castle, Not a creature was stirring, not even a rascal; And Lulu in her ‘kerchief, and Lolly in her cap, Had just settled in for a long winter’s nap, When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, Lulu sprang to her throne to see what was the matter. When what to her wondering eyes did appear, But a really ugly dude, sporting a sneer. His face peered up at the sky, so grumpy and slack, she knew in a moment it must be The Zach. And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name: “Now, Lulu! now, Lolly! now Susan! and Cliff! To the top of the castle! to the top of the wall! Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!”

dog puli curly black hair mop
Phoebe the dark-coated Puli, had a very shiny coat!
And if you ever saw her, you wouldn’t even see her gloat!
Then one sunny December day, Ugly Dude came to say,
Lily with your nose so keen, won’t you go for a walk with me?
Then how the other puppers, shouted out with glee!
Lily and Phoebe, the most beautiful Pulis, you’ll go down in his! tor! ry!

dog spots cattle ball yard
Mattie doesn’t want much for Christmas
There is just one thing she needs
She doesn’t care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree!
She just wants it for her own
More than you could ever know
Her only wish is small
All she wants for Christmas is Ball, yeah!

dogs two snow white brown spots
Though the weather has taken a wintry turn, Nikki was thinking of all her presents, her ribbons, her wrappings to come! And Rudy couldn’t wait for his snoof and his fuzzles, his tringlers and trappings in the morn. Even Henry was dreaming of pantookas, dafflers, and wuzzles. Together, we all drooled over tomorrow’s feast, but we couldn’t decide on who will carve the roast beast!

dog maltese white black eyes
Mico! He’s always such a fluffy little pleasure especially when the weather has gone all frightful. I found him beneath the bed, reminiscing with a fiery-headed spirit about last Christmas and the time he stole the turkey, a 20-pound bird dragged off by a 10-pound pupper! The spirit and I were both surprised it didn’t make the paper.
Tipping his bright head to me, the spirit departed, leaving Mico and me to trudge through a wintry and wet Christmas present (for which, he asked for a gift receipt).
Upon return, a cloaked figure was waiting patiently while we had a snack, the ghost of Christmas future said we were on the right track! For as far as he could see, Mico would bring Christmas cheer and laughter to thine and thee.