10 Reasons Why Cats Will Rule the World (or already do)

10. Look at those little feet!

9. “How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” was a #1 New York Times Bestseller. If that many people can’t tell what cats are up to, we are surely doomed.

cat blue eyes white fluffy
8. Look at that face!

cat grey window spooky eyes
7. Cats are psychic (or at least cat owners think they are, which means they’ve already won)!

cat white fluffy ears back
6. Do you think cats have actually forgotten what it was like in ancient Egypt? I don’t think so!

cats lounging white black orange
5. Nine lives vs. one: it’s simple math.

cat orange couch dog black white
4. Cats are better than dogs (at least, from an evolutionary perspective).

3. They’re awake when we sleep, and oh, how vulnerable we are when we sleep!

cats tails grey stripes fluffy
2. Look at those tails!

cat stripes sitting paws tucked
1. It’s science: Felines are the planet’s most successful survivors.

Today, give your cat overlord an extra scoop of kibble or a second can of tuna and hope they remember your charity when the time comes.