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Blakely, Snifferella

Once upon a time, there was a sleeping beauty who, when woken by a local weirdo, transformed into the beautiful, magnificent, and curious Snifferella.

With a dainty yawn, and a deep stretch, she came awake and bounded down the stairs, tail wagging, ready for another adventure!

Her Magnificent Snoot of Smelling knows what grows beneath the streets of Lexington, what secrets someone throws from car windows or second floor windows, which toes have tromped and trampled the sidewalk in flip flops or sneakers, and who mows the grass too early on Sunday mornings.

Dew-touched leaves, roots crawling from wet earth, petals craning toward the sun – only those did she deign worthy of an extended visit, luxuriating in what made each unique and lovely. No time would have been enough, but she stretched it out like taffy, almost translucent without breaking, making the best use of what time she had, taking souvenirs of the scents and aromas to line her home, watching down on her while indoors.

She collected smells of robins, sparrows, finches, doves, squirrels, marmots, mink, raccoons, and even snakes as she strolled through a magical world where the animals and even singing hobos followed behind, doting on her beauty.

The scents she’d collected climbed atop her bed, coalescing into vaporous spirits to keep her company and sing her back to sleep as she transformed back into the Blakely we know and love!