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Friendly Neighborhood Dog Walkers, not bandits

In these Covid times, people wearing masks isn’t new, but someone coming into your house wearing one might cause alarm.

Let’s get to know your friendly neighborhood dog walkers so that when you see them, you can wave and feel safe and secure, knowing they won’t run off with your pet (for long).

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Until recently, Ellie was a holographic teen pop sensation in Japan. After years of touring, she wanted a change of scenery, so she solidified and moved to the US. Music and performance are never far from her heart, though, and she often has a song on her lips and multiple costume changes in her car.

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Jill is the foremost expert in feline linguistics, having studied for years on the streets of Paris. She was adopted by the chats de la rue rouge près des poubelles au bord de la rivière and lived as one of them, learning their family and social organizations but also documenting their language which consists mainly of cold stares and cleaning oneself while ignoring the speaker.

dog walker mask crazy eyes

Josh was born in 803 in the town of Borg on the island of Vestvågøy. Having fallen in a crevasse during a hunting expedition, he remained at the University of Oslo Museum of Cultural History until a heater was mistakenly left on overnight. Thawed, Josh walked out and found work in these strange, futuristic times.

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Suka is a pioneer in Canine Sign Language. Pets, as well as errant pet sitters, have always flocked to her intense maternal instincts, and she found an affinity for those with special needs. After perfecting the scent-directed harness for blind dogs, her groundbreaking text, CSL and You, is due out in bookstores by Christmas.

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In the record snowstorm of 1994, Tricia found herself caught in a snowdrift taller than the two Bichon Frises she was walking (Quirky and Devon). Thinking quickly, she constructed a two-story shelter from the snow. Armed only with a leash, she hunted, caught, and cooked a 20-point buck, keeping them well-fed until the snows melted.

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No one knows where Zach came from. He just showed up one day, started someone else’s shift who had called in sick and has been on time ever since. Someday, he’ll disappear as mysteriously as he arrived.