boxer dogs brown brindle grass

Roxy & Ruby, dynamic

Roxy and Ruby are *the* dynamic duo, perfect puppers who love fetch and walks and naps and treats and butt scratches. Inseparable, they bring lots of joy to their humans and anyone lucky enough to spend time with them.

It’s when Tricia, their human operative, arrives that things get exciting. The howl goes up, and Roxy hits a secret¬†switch behind the treat jar. The wall slides back revealing three fireman’s poles. Together, the terrific trio slides down into a secret lair, donning masks and costumes.¬†

boxer dog brown teeth underbite

Roxy becomes Roxy-mandias: possessing super strength, agility, & durability, with the ability to compose perfect poetry at every attempt (the downside being her poems are either in a language no one speaks or so complex they liquify lesser minds).

boxer dog brindle frisbee grass tongue

Ruby transforms into Red Ruby, trusty sidekick, martial arts master, and fastest on four legs. She inspires confidence and increases the self-worth of all onlookers. For any supplicant, Ruby can fulfill one of two requests: wealth or dream fulfillment, but each has a drawback. If a petitioner requests wealth, they get it, but only in pennies. If it’s dreams you want, she can make any dream come true. Only, it will be literal: a test you didn’t study for; naked in front of a crowd; falling forever. She doesn’t get a lot of requests.

The heroes patrol their lands twice a day, rescuing cats from trees, laying the smack down on dope dealers, punching pimps, and sending truants back to school (Hamburg is a rough area, don’t be fooled). On slow days, they put on karate clinics for the neighborhood kids, help water lawns, or even collect recyclables, anything to demonstrate good citizenship to the impressionable youth.

I, for one, sleep better at night, knowing Roxy and Ruby (and Tricia) are out there.

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