five dogs outside

Barbaro, Cooper, Layla, Rudy, & Savannah, smile strike team

💥 If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team! 💥

I don’t know who was paying the bill, but their mission today was clear: slap a smile on every face whether they want it or not 😃

king charles spaniel smile yawn
Cooper leads by example, smiling as wide as he can from mission start to mission end;

king charles spaniel beauty
all Savannah has to do is bat those eyes and wiggle a little and a smile is certain;

mutt dog smile
Barbaro is more of a jester, inviting all to watch as he counts how many squirrels he can fit into his mouth;

king charles spaniel bark
Rudy takes a more proactive approach, tackling any frowners and pulling up their cheeks with his paws;

king charles spaniel squint
and Layla, why all you have to do is lean in close as she whispers, A man walks into a bar and says… Ouch! 😄

What a team! What smiles they leave!

(photos by Sarah H.)