vizsla red dog hand hug

Ziggy, sasquatch hunter

Our intrepid hero donned his safari cap and hiking shoes and paused to sniff the air – he gave me a sly smile before darting off into the jungle. The game is afoot! he cried.

We stuck close to the shade as the humidity stuck close to our skin, winding around familiar trees, alert to every darting squirrel and scrambling chipmunk.

Tracks led us in circles, and a less patient hunter would have become frustrated, but not Ziggy. With renewed speed at every turn, he shoved his nose to the ground until…

There! In the shadows – a furtive giant, peering around the bark. Ziggy went one way, I the other, in a pincer attack. We toppled the beast, already seeing our names in print, Locals Find Definitive Proof of Bigfoot.

Alas, as we came together, the mirage evaporated – just a snaggle of squirrels in a trenchcoat, laughing as they ran.

Next time, he assured me.

(photo by Sam)