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Maggie, extrasensory pupper

This is Maggie, and she’s sensitive.

Not sensitive in that she needs a comforting pet when a loud truck zooms by or that she loves hugs. Those are both true, but Maggie is an ESP (extrasensory pupper).

She sees dead people.

Maybe you have your own ESP. When Maggie barks in the middle of the night? It’s a ghost.

Is she staring at nothing in the corner? Poltergeist.

A sudden chill and she sneezes or shivers? That’s a specter.

She sees them all: shades, wraiths, phantoms… They all wave and say, Hi, Maggie! She might woof or whine to ask, Did you see that? But humans never do.

Maybe you live in a brand-new house or building that can’t possibly be haunted. Well, Maggie lives in a new building too. Luckily, the city’s old enough where homes and hospitals have come and gone. Now the spirits rise up from the ground like radon, part of the soil itself.

Maggie sees them. Maybe your ESP does too.

(This was supposed to be a part of our latest newsletter, but I’m dumb and missed a deadline. If you’d like to read the July Critter Courier, check it out!)