dog black lab tennis ball fetch

Bones, treatmaster

This is Bones.

The Boneman. El Bonarino. His Boneness.

He’s never without a smile and is the coolest, most laid-back dude on three/four legs (on account of his limp sometimes).

But don’t let that easygoing attitude fool you.

Bones is always watching that treat jar and keeping count. He’s better than any roadside chicken scratching in the dirt or a horse that can count apples.

I imagine him sitting after each visit and counting the little sausage treats through the clear plastic. Even if you hide it and open it with your back turned, he knows exactly how many are in your hand and who gets what.

Short him at your own risk. Many a sitter have ‘accidentally’ wound up in the backyard pool during an innocent fetch, just because Bones got one treat while someone else got two!

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