Pet Appreciation Week

vizsla stretch stairs dog

This week (like every week) is Pet Appreciation Week. If you don’t have a pet to appreciate, now’s a great time to adopt!

My father the vet once adopted a bulldog from an old man that couldn’t care for him anymore. According to the old man, Bud had a tendancy to chase cattle and pop truck tires. If you’ve ever met an English Bulldog, the cattle chasing might seem far-fetched, and we felt the same way.

When Bud came to live with us, I learned right away he was an ornery cuss. The first night, I tried to push him out of the way of the TV, and he came at me all snapping jaws and slobber. He’d move when he was ready, and I respected that.

Bud, who became Bud Lite once he was neutered, loved to go for rides in Dad’s truck. But, again, he didn’t like to be told what to do, so Dad had to leave the door open, sometimes for hours, until Bud was ready to get out.

I once saw Bud latch on to a UPS truck’s tire and go all the way around with it when the driver tried to get away. He could move when he wanted, and I began to suspect the cattle chasing might also have been true.

Anyway, here are some ideas to show your pet some love this week:

Monday – start the week off with a massage
Tuesday – let them take a ride with you as you donate food/supplies to a local shelter
Wednesday – give an extra 15 mintues of play time
Thursday – New Toy Day!
Friday – make some homemade treats and be sure to ‘accidentally’ drop a few ingredients on the floor
Saturday – give them the remote and watch their favorite show together
Sunday – stare deeply into your pet’s eyes until you can hear what they’re thinking (it works), and do what they want even if it means licking yourself

Repeat ad infinitum