boston terrier black white dog dandelions grass

EmmyLou, bootlegger

This is EmmyLou. I’ve gotten to know her real well during this quarantine while her momma goes out to save the world.

EmmyLou didn’t always have her life so together, though. She tells me there was a time she’d run bags of Ol’ Roy missing their tax stickers over the mountains. Sometimes she’d have to heave big 50lbs bags out the door, taking turns at 70mph, cops on her tail.

Sure it was fun, kicking up her heels at night, not knowing what the next day might bring, a string of cute boys and jugs of moonshine, fiddle dancing by moonlight.

But now she only runs with quality ingredients, takes her vitamins, and lights out by 8:00.

But she’ll take that treat if you’re offering.

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