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Quarantine Critter Stories

I sure miss many of my furry friends out there (like my boys Gus and Rupert & Chloe, Roma, and Tequila). How is self-isolation treating you?

Is your cat plotting to kill you yet (or more than usual)? Maybe they watched Tiger King and are getting ideas.

Is hairball a new game you’re playing?

Or, if you’re like me, you can now read your dog’s mind – it’s all dancing treats all the time.

Have you had any home haircut mishaps or successes?

Recently, one of our company puppers decided to dig a secret hole under the fence, shouting, ‘Attica! Attica!’ the whole time. On the bright side, her owner got outside and lots of exercise.

If you’ve got a story to share, let me know: comment below, send me an email, or tag us in an Instagram post!