german shepherd smile sign we are all in this together

Maggie, the maestro

Maggie is one of our downtown quarantine babies, reminding us we’re all in this together!

Oh, she greets me at the door like an old friend, and we’re out in a flash – down the stairs and out into the sunshine, nothing can slow us down (except the annoying traffic signals) .

But we jog in place, and I steal some lovins before we’re off again, blazing through downtown and leaving the sidewalk piled up behind us!

Maggie’s always got a smile that I can’t help but mirror, and people fall in behind us, singing and dancing and throwing confetti so that we have our own parade by the time we come back down Main street.

The celebrations follow us back up the stairs where she can look down from her bed as the people spell out M-A-G-G-I-E before dispersing as quickly as they arrived.