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Top 10 Pet Sitter Pet Peeves

We love the pets we care for, but sometimes the humans can be a pain in the scruff! We all voted and came up with the top 10 things that drive pet sitters crazy:

10. No towels on rainy days

9. Empty poop bag dispensers

8. Runners who charge up from behind with no announcement

7. Poop minefields in the backyard when it’s fetch time

6. People who walk their dogs without a leash – not only is it unsafe, it’s illegal!

5. People who play on their phones instead of with their pets (especially at the dog park)

4. Big dogs that jump on us (bonus points for sharp nails)

3. Litter boxes that haven’t been cleaned for days and days and days…

2. People who think their dogs can socialize with everyone – please assume everyone’s wearing a yellow ribbon

1. Grocery bags with 10,000 holes for dirty litter

Don’t forget about your pet sitters! Help us help your pets, and don’t make me send Maxine after you.
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