dog, cute, teddy bear, sweater

Sydney, inamorata

This is Sydney (in her tanuki suit), and oh how winter is an affront to good hair!

dog, white, fluffy, ears

These past months when I’ve had to bundle her against rain and cold, she’s been bursting to be free, to shed her clothes and throw her paws in the air! How happy she’ll be to let her hair out and to cruise the neighborhood with the sun on her face.

To all the boys she’s loved before… to the bad boy behind the red fence, to the studious boy in the cul de sac, to the boy in the window never allowed outside, and even to the boy that sits on the porch and acts like he doesn’t see her… To all of them panting and watching as she struts by…

She’s got nothing to say to you fellas.

With a hair flip and a check of her nails, she asks me how I’m feeling. Without waiting for my reply, she tells me she feels good as heck, and we walk our fine selves through the door.

(Hair photo by Emily)