two cats white orange brown stripes

Respect Your Cat

Today is Respect Your Cat Day

I love cats, and I’m one of the few people that doesn’t identify as either a cat or dog person. But cats get a lot of bad press (they will eat you long before a dog if you die alone). Dogs are all surface, innate shining beings of all that is good in the world. Cats… are more complicated. They’re survivors first. When you get that purr motor going or have a kitty fall asleep in your lap, though, you know you’ve really succeeded.

When I lived in Texas, I adopted a big fat orange cat. Newman was a laid-back chonk who would lie on his back and just watch TV with me. He’d also wake me up every morning by sitting on my chest to demand breakfast until I awoke, gasping and thinking I was dying. Respect your cat.

More recently, I had another orange cat, Zula. She liked to crawl into bed on my wife’s side, snuggle all close, and vomit a stomach’s worth of undigested cat food, sometimes into my wife’s open mouth. Respect your cat.

When I lived alone in Japan, I adopted a local cat, Sam (I called him Scram sometimes; he loved to prowl the neighborhood and come home missing his collar to some high adventure). Once, I had to return to the States for several weeks, and I missed him terribly. Getting back to Japan took a 14-hour flight, a 2-hour bus ride, another flight, and a long cab ride. Then I had to wait on my own stoop for 2 hours in the rain trying to find my scatterbrain housesitter. When I finally made it inside, I fell to the floor and threw my arms open for a big Sam hug. He walked right by me, climbed onto my bag, and, while holding direct eye contact, peed all over it. He spent the night outside, and that bag was never the same. Respect your cat.

So, toss a mouse to your cat, keep that food bowl full, crack open some tuna, and open the shades and turn on cat TV, the birds are out. Or go to the shelter and find your cat; it’s a great time to adopt (you can also scoop one up off the street, they’re free!). Respect the cats.

Have any cat stories that demand respect? Let me know!