five dogs, hounds, hound dogs

Belle, Buddy, Gordon, Jackson, & Sadie, gumshoes

Whenever there’s trouble,
We’re there on the double,
We’re the gumshoe gang!

To help me with The Case of the Missing Collar, I enlisted four of the most famous detectives in the area:

brown black dog brown eyes
Gordon, with his deer stalker on sideways as is the fashion, was looking hot and hot on the trail.

white brown beagle dog
Buddy grabbed his trusty magnifying glass from his belt (it’s the size of a small car, I swear) and put his nose to the ground.

two hound dogs howling
The mother-son team of Belle and Jackson were fresh off the infamous sasquatch case of Jessimine county (you probably didn’t hear about it, very hush-hush). They were ready to keep their reputation of 100% cases closed.

With a true morning hound cry, they set off leaving me with the victim. Sadie wrung her hands, worrying over the missing heirloom and wondering where she could have possibly lost it.

I assured her we’d find it – we had perfect weather after all – and the best noses in five counties.

naked dog lost collar
Of course, it took less than two minutes to locate the lost collar, tucked behind a bush close to the house. Sadie bonked her head with her paw. That was where she’d chased that rabbit! Success brought us inside for treats and drinks to celebrate, congratulations all around!

Tune in next time for The Case of the Mysterious Hole!

(Photos by Ellie)

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