Rupert, avenger

I sent this report the day after the neighbor’s dog attacked Rupert during our walk (he was fine though it shook us both).

My sweet baby Rupert was happy and snuffly and his usual self today, yesterday’s brush with calamity already forgotten. Me, I was on high alert, more jumpy than a Secret Service agent, not letting anyone within ten feet of my boy and checking around every corner, ‘guns’ drawn.

It was a great walk, nothing unusual until we got back home, and Rupert told me to hang on.

With an impish grin, he squatted on the neighbor’s lawn and dropped a fresh one, keeping eye contact with [redacted] through the window the whole time. Finished, he scratched the grass in triumph and trotted on back home for treats.

The eagle is in the nest, happy and safe, awaiting your return!