Roxy, birthday gal

Roxy celebrated her 5th birthday last month, and she doesn’t look a day over 2! Little sister Ruby helped me throw a party for the ages, hats & ice cream and all.

They say it’s your birthday… Well happy birthday to ya! I was so jazzed to come celebrate with my girl Roxy and to meet sweet little Ruby!

They could feel the excitement in the air as they raced to the backyard for a quick romp and potty break, but we had to get the ‘adult’ things out of the way first: Ruby had a healthy lunch, and we took our walk like responsible citizens.

Then we partied down! We had ice cream, we had a dance contest (Ruby won), we had karaoke, and we sang to Roxy to her eternal embarrassment. Exhausted, I was tempted to crawl in bed with them, but they’re both ready to nap and party down again when you get home!