Roma & Ruby, party crashers

I have missed my favorite gals! I love their happy greetings, and they ate up the warm weather on our walk!

Ruby’s the kind of woman that shows up to the picnic with some kind of weird ethnic food and a friend with dreadlocks. Everyone’s clutching their pearls in worry that she’s going to ruin the day.

Then Roma shows up, old lady on a Harley, does a burnout in the backyard, hops down, puts a cigarette out in the punch bowl, and reaches into the potato salad with her bare hands. She cranks the music to Judas Priest, and the real party begins!

Love these two

One thought on “Roma & Ruby, party crashers

  1. Pretty much sums up my girls! You can dress them up buy you can’t take them out! Roma 100% would have a harley and Ruby is her ride or die!
    Zach, I appreciate you and everyone at critter sitters for the care you give my babies!

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